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November 20, 2012
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"_____!" yelled a familiar, British voice, "_____, over here!"

You turned to find Arthur running up to you, a brown paper bag in hand.

"Arthur!" you grinned, holding your arms out for a hug. He squeezed you tight, letting you bury your face in his shoulder and snuggle close to him, "I missed you…" you whispered as you tilt your head up to look into his brilliant green eyes.

He chuckled, kissing the top of your head, "I missed you too, duckling. I brought some scones with me, though, a little welcome home gift. I worked all day making them so I hope you like them." Arthur presented the brown paper bag to you, smiling expectantly.

"O-Oh… Yeah. Thanks, Arty. That's real nice of you." You took the sack from him and take out one of the scones, taking a delicate nibble of it and scrunching up your nose at the taste. "These are great, honey." You told Arthur, "Your best ones yet!"

"I'm so glad you think so, Love! I made us a whole meal for dinner to go with them, too!" He beamed at you, as happy as you'd ever seen him.

"Uh…. As nice as that sounds, darling, I wouldn't want to overindulge myself tonight. Maybe we should just go out to eat…" you turned your (e/c) eyes away from him, the lie stinging your pride.

He just laughed, bringing you in for a sweet, short kiss. "You know you could have just told me my cooking is awful, ____." He whispered in your ear. "But it was kind of you to try and save what small pride I have left."
Here's Iggy's ending to the wonderful Airport series. ([link]) Next I'm thinking I'll give Scotty a try, as requested by :iconhairbun503:. But that might be awhile, as I'm working on my first fic about England. (that isn't a choose your own ending of course)

Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story: me
You: :iconsexyenglandplz:
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I absolutely hate telling people when they are terrible at something because I am so sensitive to other people and I hate seeing them upset
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Okay then Iggy, your scones and cooking suck!!! Go take a cooking class!!
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True, I never can bring myself to tell people how terrible they are at things. XD
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Especially your boyfriend.... You'd just be in the doghouse :P
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