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December 5, 2012
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You swirled the straw in your drink around awkwardly, watching the albino German across the table from you fidget with his shirt collar, grinning awkwardly.

"You're an engineer, huh? That's cool…" Your gaze flicked to your watch. 8:05. Only ten minutes left…

Gilbert shrugged, "I guess…" He looked at his phone. 8:06. 'Nine minutes to go… It would be so much better if she let me touch her boobs…' Gil thought, irritated.  

"Well, uh…" you trailed off, not sure what to say next. 'This would be so much nicer if he would cuddle with me…' you thought sadly.

Gil looked at your glass, "Are you done with your drink?"

You nodded, "Yeah. And are you ready to go?"

"Ja. Let's get out of here, Frau." Gilbert pushed his chair back with an awful screech.

You flagged down a waiter for the bill and looked over at Gil but he seemed in no hurry to pay so you took out your wallet, handing your credit card over and giving the German your famous death stare.

"I uh… left my vallet at home." He tried not to meet your gaze.

"Right…" The waiter came back with your credit card and you handed him a ten dollar bill before standing.

Gilbert followed you out the door to his car. He climbed in the driver's side without offering to open your door. You gritted your teeth. This was the last time you would let your friends set you up on a blind date. You hopped in the silver Porsche, buckling yourself in.

"Your place, I assume?" Gilbert asked, uninterested.

"Yeah. Where else?" you turned to him, eyebrow raised questioningly.

"Nowhere…" The albino frowned, turning his attention to the road. 'Damn….'


You and Gilbert stood on the front step of your house, forced to stand very close by the small porch.

"Um, tonight was really great! I guess…" Gil said, breaking the awkward silence.

"Y-Yeah… Maybe we should do it again sometime?"

"Uh… Sure."

"Well, goodbye."

"Bye..." he answered reluctantly, giving you one last look over with his red eyes.

You smiled at him, opening the front door and taking a step inside.

"Wait, _____!" Gilbert called.

You turned around, "Yeah?"

His lips crashed into yours and you let out a little squeak of surprise, hands flying into
the air as if trying to say 'I in no way suggested this!' Gilbert pulled away from you, a stricken look on his face.

"W-Well bye." Gil swiftly turned around and bounded down the steps out to his car.


"No way!" Elizabeta giggled, "I knew it! I knew you guys would be perfect together!"

"Lizzie… That's not the point of the story. It was so awkward! I can't believe he did
that…" You blushed, glaring at your roommate over a cup of hot coffee as you sat in your living room, discussing last night's date.

"Oh, _____. You know nothing about men. He clearly likes you."

"Like you're an expert…"

"I am! I'm dating Roderich aren't I?"

"That's like… chance." Roderich was Elizabeta's amazing Austrian boyfriend- he was a pianist and super nice and gentlemanly.

"No way! I totally set it up." Lizzie laughed at you, "Anyway… Gilbert is Roderich's roommate and it was actually Roddy's idea to set you up…"

"I thought you said it was yours…"

"Well, half mine… The details aren't important! What's important is that Gilbert totally kissed you! That means something, ____!"

You rolled your eyes, trying to appear uncaring. On the inside though, you were queasy with excitement- he kissed you! The German hadn't made a move all night and you thought he totally hated you but then… It was so amazing! Sure, he wasn't the most chivalrous of men but he was incredibly handsome, funny and engineering really was pretty sexy. But who knew… Gilbert probably didn't even feel the same way.


"So you just kissed her?" Roderich asked mouth agape.

"Ja… I don't know vhat I vas thinking! Well, I know vhat part of me vas thinking…. But I
totally didn't mean to kiss her!"

"Ha! I knew you two would get along…" Roderich smirked.

"Well, the date still sucked… She wouldn't let me touch her boobs or anything."

"Gil, you clearly do not understand women… They want to feel cared for and respected. And then… once they're comfortable and know you are trustworthy- then they let you touch their boobs." Roderich nodded wisely.

Gilbert groaned, "It vould be so much easier if I could just get her drunk…."

Roderich laughed, "That's what I thought about Elizabeta and look at us now!"

"That's not the same!" Gilbert wailed, flopping back on the couch and sighing frustratedly.

"I still say you two are meant for each other…" Roderich sniffed.

"Vhatever…" Gil stuck his tongue out at his roommate. Secretly though, he hoped the Austrian was right… Even though _____ wasn't as awesome as Gilbert and didn't let him do anything fun the whole night she was so beautiful and talented and loved birds! But who knew… She probably didn't feel the same way.
This is a Request from :iconcandyapplekiss: I hope you like it... Sorry if it sucks, I've been fighting a really bad case of Writer's Block lately and this was my first attempt at anything in awhile... :iconotlplz:

So yeah... Sorry I didn't attempt accents for any one besides Prussia

Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:
Fic: Me
You: :iconsexyprussia2plz:
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