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December 13, 2012
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Your friends all jumped into the large, tiled swimming pool in your backyard as you watched from one of the deck chairs.

"Come on in, chica!" Antonio shouted, leaning against the pool wall and staring you down with his large green eyes. "The water's great…"

You shook your head furiously, "No way! It's much too comfy up here. Plus I don't have my swimsuit with me so…."

"Zhat's why zhere's such a zhing as skinny dipping!" called Francis before he was tackled by Alfred and disappeared under the water's surface.

"I said no." You put on your best serious face.

"But _____!" Alfred pouted, still holding Francis underwater, "We're gonna play football and we won't have even teams if you don't get in!"

"You could ask Arthur to play." You pointed out.

"But he's boring!" whined Francis, finally resurfacing.

"Hey!" shouted Arthur, looking from his book on the chair next to you, "I am not, Frog!"

"Oui… You are." Francis said seriously before swimming quickly away from Alfred.

"She doesn't have to get in the water if she doesn't want to," said Matthew fairly from his seat on the side of the pool.

"Yeah! I don't have to!"

"Have to what?" Alfred blinked, confused.

"Go swimming! Duh! Zhat's what Mattie just said!" Francis stuck his tongue out at Alfred, paddling lazily by the American.

"Oh, it's on, Frenchy!" Alfred shouted, charging at Francis, making the man yelp and swim away as fast as he could.

"Anyway, I think you guys are having a perfectly successful time being idiots all by yourself," you sniffed haughtily, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a book to finish."

"Oh no you don't…" Antonio grinned, launching himself out of the pool and running over to you, scooping you up in his strong arms. You dropped your book with a little yelp, gripping Toni tightly as he sprinted back to the poolside and clinging desperately to him when he tried to dump you into the water.

"No, no, no, no!" You squeezed your eyes shut, arms wrapped tightly around Antonio's neck.

"Come on, Chiquita… Let go now." Antonio sounded worried as he tilted forward a bit.

"Let the hero help you out, Spaniard!" Alfred pronounced loudly, swimming over to you and grabbing you around the waist, pulling you into the water, clothes and all.

"GWA! LET ME GO, YOU CHEESEBURGER LOVING FOOL!" you screamed, flailing around wildly, making Alfred duck and dodge to avoid getting hit by a stray elbow or fist.


"Let her go, Alfred!" Mattie cried helplessly from the sidelines, "She doesn't want to swim, you hoser!"

Alfred completely ignored his brother, holding to you tightly until you were too tired to keep struggling. After that he set you down gently on the pool floor, swimming calmly after Francis again.

"Thanks a lot, Alfred… Now my favorite t-shirt's all ruined…"

"Mmmm… I wouldn't say that, querida." Antonio looked pointedly at your chest. You noticed the white t-shirt was suddenly not hiding the bright (f/c) bra you were wearing underneath. You sank down until you were up to your chin in water, blushing furiously.

"FOOTBALL TIME!" Alfred shouted, not wanting to let the subject go.

"Ow!" you whirled on him as a foam football hit the back of your head with a wet smack.

"______'s IT!" Alfred paddled away from you, laughing like a madman.

"I thought we were playing football!" you cried.

"We are, stupid! It's tag football!"

"I call being tagged first…" Francis chuckled, swimming up from behind you and lifting you up in his arms.

"Don't I have to hit you with the football?" You asked, looking at him pointedly.

He just shrugged, "I guess we're on teams, zhen." Francis swung you around to his back, holding you around the legs and charging forward, "TO ZHE FOOTBALL!"

"Ooh, teams?" Alfred asked excitedly, "QUICKLY ANTONIO! ON MY BACK!" He opened his arms invitingly for the Spaniard who obligingly leaped back into the water and onto Alfred's back.

"B-But what about me…?" Mattie asked, lower lip quivering.

"Oh, I'll be your teammate, Matthew." Arthur sighed, standing up from his deck chair and taking off his shirt. She strode over to the pool and hopped in, "Now get on my back."

Matthew nodded and climbed onto the Brit, "Onward!" he whispered, "We have to run away from _____ before she tags us!"

"Too late for that, Pancakes!" you crowed, chucking the football which hit him in the shoulder, "You're it!"


The better part of two hours was spent this way, every now and then with a team switch.

"Wait a minute…." You said after awhile, "Wasn't Gilbert here this morning?"

"Oh yeah…." Everyone said in unison.

"Kesesesesese~" laughed someone from behind, "Miss zhe awesome me, hmmm? Vell I got you all a present vhile I vas gone!" A shower of frigid water rained down on all of your heads, making you shriek.

"GILBERT!" you yelled, darting out of the water and to the side of the house where Gilbert was standing with the hose.

"Oooh! Vhat is this? ______ vith a see through shirt? I guess dreams really do come t- WAGH!" He was cut off as you tackled him to the ground, punching him in the stomach repeatedly.

"And there you have it…" Alfred said wisely, "Never get in a fistfight with a (ethnicity) girl."

"Oui," Francis said, wincing, "Or have sex with one… I bet she would be rough in bed… Ohonhonhonhon- AH! _____! NOT THE FACE!"
I don't know... I was missing summer. This was originally going to be about the Hetalians without shirts but... this happened. I like the result. :D

Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:
Fanfic: Me
You: :iconsexyprussia2plz: :iconsexyenglandplz: :iconsexycanada2plz: :iconsexyfrance2plz: :iconalfredfjonesplz: :iconsexyspainplz:
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I will beat you senseless :3
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Whoooo! Hear that I'll mess y'all up with my 'mericaness.
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Uh never mess with a Ukrainian and Greek girl?  Fail..
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Never get into a fight with an Italian and Polish girl. 

FRANCIS~ -creepy perverted smile- C'mere Frenchie~ Even though I may be Polish I can still kick your (not-as-fab-as-Spain's) ass~
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2. "Oui," Francis said, wincing, "Or have sex with one… I bet she would be rough in bed… Ohonhonhonhon- AH! _____! NOT THE FACE!"

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mess with* hehe..Sweating a little... 
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